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LUOXO is a private member lounge for watch enthusiasts. We are dedicated to creating varied events and the right ambience for members to share their love of watches.

LUOXO is a community of watch and horology lovers in Hong Kong.

Our mission is to nurture the passion for horology through an array of private events, workshops and unique experiences.


Founded in 2008, LUOXO (formerly known as The Art of Time) is a private and independent watch club. We are committed to nurturing members’ love for watches through a variety of events and sharing sessions.
LUOXO’s lounge provides a comfortable and private environment, allowing members to enjoy a drink and a chat with like-minded watch lovers.

Mission Statement

LUOXO aims to create a wholistic experience and understanding of the world of horology. We are committed to creating lasting memories and providing members with unique experiences and opportunities whilst exceeding their expectations through a spectrum of extraordinary events.

Press Release
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The LUOXO Member Lounge

36/F, W50, 50 Wong Chuk Hang Rd, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong

 2117 1002 

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9142 4476

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