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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I become a member?

To build a real watch enthusiasts’ Community, our Club works on a referral system. If you know one of our current members, please ask them to recommend you.

What is LUOXO?

We are the oldest private group of watch enthusiasts in Hong Kong managed by a Swiss whose grand-parents and father were watchmakers.

Are there any conditions to becoming a LUOXO member?

To love watches.

Is there an age limit?

LUOXO believes that the passion for watches is not linked to age, and a member’s age is therefore not at all an issue.




Can I join events without being a LUOXO member?

To preserve the exclusivity and discretion of our group, LUOXO events are for members only.

Where do events take place?

LUOXO events are held in different locations that are made known to participants only.

When do events take place?

LUOXO events will usually either take place in the evenings (7:30pm onwards) or on Saturday afternoons (3pm onwards).


I like to see watches with my wife/friends. Can they join me at LUOXO?

Of course! LUOXO works exclusively on a referral system.

If the answer to your question can't be found in our FAQs, please contact us at

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