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Frequently Asked Questions



How can I become a member?

To build a real watch enthusiasts’ Community, our Club works on a referral system. If you know any of our current members, please go through them and ask them to recommend you. Alternatively, you can still apply independently here, and your application will then be forwarded to our membership committee for review. You will be invited for a short interview.


What is LUOXO?

We are a watch enthusiasts’ society that has a physical venue. We organize events, workshops, and watchmaking Masterclasses several times monthly and are privileged to have watch brands organize exclusive events reserved for members only.

Our members can enjoy the Lounge, events, activities, library, and other services.

Are there any conditions to becoming a LUOXO member?

Being in love with watches!

Is there an age limit?

LUOXO believes that passion for watches is not linked to age, and a member’s age is therefore not at all an issue.




Can I join events without being a LUOXO member?

Most of our events are exclusive to our members. From time to time, LUOXO will have some events open to everyone.

For example, LUOXO’s Get-Together and Masterclasses are open to non-members with a preferential rate for members.

Where do events take place?

LUOXO events are held at the LUOXO Lounge or in locations chosen by brands or in restaurants.

When do events take place?

LUOXO events will usually either take place in the evenings (8pm onwards) or on Saturday afternoons (3pm onwards).


I like to see watches with my wife/friends. Can they join me at LUOXO?

LUOXO welcomes the spouse of members as we encourage the sharing of the passion for watches with partners. In members-only events, space usually fills up very fast with members and we therefore encourage spouses to become members too.

If the LUOXO event is open to non-members, spouses and friends are more than welcome!


I see that you have a Sky Terrace. Can I smoke there?

Absolutely! The Sky Terrace and the Rooftop are areas where members relax by smoking cigarettes (or cigars) whilst enjoying a drink!


Who can participate?

Anyone interested in watches or who wants to try their hand at watchmaking work.

Beginner to advanced, our courses are suitable for everyone.


Can I join Level 1 or 2 without coming to Initiation?

If this is your first experience at the watch bench, we recommend beginning with an Initiation, as it will teach you and help you with the basics of how to work appropriately on a watch.

The higher levels are more intense and focus on practice without going through theory.


What the difference between Initiation and Level 1?

Initiation class is a good way to start if you have never done watchmaking before. We'll teach you the right professional gestures to disassemble and reassemble part of (60%) a mechanical movement and teach you how it works.

Level 1 is mainly practice-oriented to challenge the skills learned at Initiation and disassemble and reassemble a skeleton 3 hands calibre (36.60mm) completely.

Initiation is 30min Theory and 2h practice, while Level 1 is 3 hours of practice only.


Can I organize a class for a private event?

We organize classes for private groups with customization of the course.

Company outing, birthday, club activity, ... Do not hesitate to contact us [Corporate class] for a quote if you want a fun activity to challenge your entourage on small mechanisms.


What are the calibres used in Masterclasses?

For Initiation class we work on a PTS9011.

For Level 1 we work on a PTS96A1.

For Level 2 we work on a PT5100.


Can we join one-to-one classes with more than 1 person?

Yes, it is possible to book a private class for more than one person. Book your One-to-one lesson and add a comment with the number of participants. We will then get back to you in a short time by email.




What is the validity of a gift card?

The gift cards are valid for 1 year.


Can I buy a gift card for Level 1 or 2?

Yes, it is possible to order a gift card for level 1 or 2 by contacting us by email at However, if the person has never done a Watchmaking class in the past, we recommend starting with an Initiation Masterclass.


Can I use my card for a private class?

Contact our team by email at to check the validity of your card and apply to upgrade it.

If the answer to your question can't be found in our FAQs, please contact us at

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