Watchmaking Masterclasses

Assemble watch movements from scratch guided by LUOXO’s in-house Swiss watchmaker


An Authentic Swiss Watchmaking Experience 

Get a taste of authentic Swiss watchmaking with our in-house certified professional Swiss watchmaker. Immerse in a guided experience taking apart and rebuilding a watch movement from scratch by yourself. Offered in LUOXO’s private watch lounge with best-in-class Swiss watch tools and equipments with a legit Swiss approach, our workshops are conducted in an easy to understand manner,  in a cosy and relaxed environment, at a digestible pace. We promise you will never feel left out.

於LUOXO 的私人手錶貴賓室,使用一流的瑞士製錶工具和設備,採用合乎瑞士法規的方式,循序漸進學習。我們的工作坊以易於理解的方式,在舒適輕鬆的環境中,由淺入深作教授。

Reasons to join 

Watchmaking Masterclasses